If you are working with a relational database with normalised data you will need to create mapped dimensions. For example, you have some ad-server data containing delivery statistics broken down by campaign id, and you have a lookup table containing a list of campaign ids and corresponding campaign name.
To extract the campaign name for reporting against the delivery statistics, you will need to use a lookup join between the two tables.

To add a lookup join, click on the 'Add Join' button:

As we are trying to get a result from a lookup table we need to select lookup join and select the datasource you are trying to extract the field from. If the datasource does not appear in the drop-down list, it will need to be set as a lookup in the 'special type' box in the datasource tab.

Your join definition is the field in the lookup table that has a relationship with the mapped field from the delivery table.
The result definition is the field you are trying to obtain for reporting.

Use the drop-down tables to select these values.

Then you are done. Click save and then commit changes and your lookup join is complete.

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