There are 2 ways to filter content in a report:

  1. within the report builder. filters defined here will affect the data that comes back from the database
  2. in the 'front-end' after the report has run. this approach is useful if you want to quickly exclude data you have already pulled back from the database (ie. to remove an outlier) or if you want to just get a quick view across a subset of results.

Report Builder Filtering

To apply a filter in the report builder scroll down to the filter section:

Pick the dimension you want to apply the filter to:

Select the type of filter you want to apply:

Select the values you want to use in your filter:

(note that the available filter values will depend on your own data model)

Front-End Filtering

To create a front-end report filter, click  the funnel icon in the top right menu of the report.

Select filter then the dimension you want to filter by. Then choose the value(s) you want to include or exclude. 

You report will instantly update to show the data matching your chosen filters.

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