You've set up your folder and your dashboard, now let's make a report.
Click 'create a report' and this will take you to the report builder. 

From within a dashboard, you can create a second report by clicking the plus button in the top menu bar.

Here we have selected impressions, clicks and media cost as metrics, which are mapped to a specific datasource (see more on report engine). The report will be broken down by date and device type. You can then add a filter, for example, to show only mobile devices.

There are a large selection of pre-set and customisable date ranges available  - week, months and years, and fixed or dynamic (and fixed-to-dynamic) date ranges. 

Under 'Compare to...' you can add a comparison period of week-on-week or month-on-month, in comparison to the selected period. 

You can also Sort By the metric that you choose 

Click Preview or Save Report to take you through to the dashboard where your report will be built!

This report is in table format, in default mode, and paginated. You can change these settings depending on the composition of your report by entering the visualisation panel through the cogwheel. Click the link for more info.

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