Bright Connect is our engine that brings in all your data from each platform. In case you didn't know, ETL stands for Extract, Transform, Load which essentially describes the processes that the data goes through as we scrape it from the API, clean it up and load it into the database . 

If you are a Power User, you can have access to some of the functions of Bright Connect. This will allow you you to:

  1. Run backdates on certain jobs (which link to each platform) after you make a change, for example, to some naming conventions.
  2. View the transforms that are running on your data to see the way your data is 'transformed' e.g. how a meta table column is populated to create a dimension out of the placement name.
  3. Run custom transform jobs to push through changes from either cost rate tables or updates from a plan table. 
  4. Refresh meta tables when you've update a campaign or placement name at the source platform UI, or in BA manage data and you want to run relevant transforms.

Your jobs are displayed as below - e.g. here we have a data and a meta job for a client. 

Refresh Data
To refresh your data, click the red refresh logo second to the end.

Clicking refresh will re-fetch the data for the pre-set range - here it is set to 5 days back and a 0 window meaning it will fetch the last 5 days. If you wanted just one day, 5 days ago (it's Monday and you last Wednesday's data only) then you it would be 5-1). 

Meta jobs aren't date sensitive - clicking refresh will recall all data in the table and will ignore the backdate window. 

Backdate Data
Click the calendar on the end to backdate the data to a specific range. You'll be taken to this window where you can choose the range: 

Refresh and Backdate individual tables

If a job has multiple datasources you can refresh or backdate them individually. A job may have multiple tables either because it's calling multiple tables from the platform or there are multiple tables from different datasources in a single job e.g. with a Cost transform Table.

Typically, you'll want to refresh a table if:

  1. You're running a cost transform after the rates have been changed.
  2. You have made changes to the names of placements at the original platform, or in BA manage data and need to run the relevant transforms. 

To refresh or backdate individual tables:

  • Click the target table button 
  • Click Refresh or Backdate

View Transforms
You can click on Post transforms to view transforms. Although you cannot edit transforms, you'll be able to see what changes are being made as we ingest your data, whether it is pushing data to meta fields or cleaning up raw data or calculating cost rates. 

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