Bright Connect is our very own ETL. ETL stands for Extract - Transform - Load.

  1. Extract - Data is extracted from the API in its raw form. This is usually by connecting to a report that is scheduled report in source platform and reading from a spreadsheet.
  2. Transform - Your data is harmonised - we organise and tidy your data across all platforms so they can be seamlessly integrated. e.g. Tidying up naming conventions across campaigns and placements so that your dashboard is clear and insightful.
  3. Load - Once it is cleansed, your data gets loaded into the database where it is ready to be configured in the data model and pushed to your dashboard.


  • A transform can do something simple and useful like insert new campaigns into a meta table every time they become available from the API without inserting duplicates.
  • Transforms can also clean up raw data so it is clear and organised, such as categorising campaign names as desired.

Transforms can also be used to:

  • calculated fixed costs rates
  • create and implement spend forecasting reports

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