The Explorer - the latest new feature marrying the intricate properties of the report builder and the visualisation stack so you can build and design at ease to get the perfect output to communicate your data.

Where to find it: - Select Edit in the menu accessed by the cog or add a new report and you'll come to the screen below. Edit (legacy) will take you to the old editor, this will be removed in the near future.

Everything you need to build the perfect visual sits in the tool bar on the left. Add in metrics and dimensions and select preview to update the widget. Watch the video to see it in action.

Clicking the report name will take you to a unique URL for that report perfect for sharing between colleagues if you're referring to one report.

Tip: 'Exports & More' can be found at the bottom of the tool bar. Here you can explore things such as export, copy, schedule.

If you have any feedback then we'd love to you get in touch.

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