A time slice is a view of a dashboard that is fixed to a particular point in time. A time slice can also have comments attached to it.

The time slice feature is useful for creating a post-campaign summary or for providing a simple way to manage weekly reporting without having to keep change date ranges on dashboards. 

Creating a time slice:
A time slice is created through the '+' button on any dashboard :

When you click the Time Slice option above this will create a view of the current dashboard. The time slice will fix the date ranges as they are currently set.

For example, if you are viewing a dashboard with the date range set to Last Week and 'last week' corresponds to the 1st - 7th April 2019 then the time slice view  will be fixed to the 1st - 7th April 2019.

Dashboard shows a relative date range - 'Last Week':

Time slice uses the absolute date range:

Please note that time slices will reflect the date ranges set on all reports on a dashboard : if you have a mix of date ranges in the reports on a dashboard then the time slice will reflect the different date ranges. If you want to have the same date range for every report on a dashboard you should use a dashboard date override to achieve this before creating your time slice.

The recently created 'Time Slice' will appear alongside any existing "Time Slices' in the toolbar at the top of the dashboard.

To view them, select the Time Slice Toggle View button.

Read more about managing time slices here

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